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Middle Row

Middle Row

This was the heart of Ashford’s market area. In the plan below (Fig. 1) the shaded portions represent the oldest buildings, the oldest of all being the one lettered ‘A’. As far as can be ascertained, this building seems to have occupied an isolated position in the middle of the High Street with only traders’ temporary market stalls between it and the church, with the possible exception of an inn before the entrance to the church. It was not until the early 1500s that shops were being built in this area, which was known as the ‘market place’ where the stocks were and where proclamations by the Constable were made. Other markets for butter, fish and corn, etc., were in the High Street to the east and west of this area.

Fig. 1 – Map of Middle Row

The Butchery

Old documents refer to this area as ‘Le Bochery’, the place where butchers’ shops were found. In some towns the term ‘shambles’ survives as an alternative to ‘butchery’.

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