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Agricultural Museum Brook

Situated in the rural village of Brook in a superb 14th century barn, an early 19th century oast house and a converted Victorian stable block.

The collections consist of a large range of items relating to the agricultural history of Kent. In the beautiful 14th century barn there are many items, all Kent-based, from the time when power on the farm was mainly provided by horses or oxen (and later by steam). These include large wagons, ploughs, seed drills, reapers and a wide range of smaller items, many of which can be touched or handled. In the associated oast house are items relating to hops, together with a large collection of small tools and related items, including some of domestic rather than agricultural importance.

The Street, Brook TN25 5PF

Telephone 01304 824969

Opening times: May to September, Weekends, 2.00pm to 5.00pm

Cost of entry is £2.50 with a concession charge  of £1.50 for over 60’s.
Entry is free for children under 16 and people who live in Brook